A common wooden jewelery collection from mother and son


AAVAma manufactures jewelery from high-quality, pre-colored wooden beads. We are especially proud of our verkkokaulakorusta, which is a self-designed model. For this model we have been granted a design right Patent and Registration Board. Jewelry series also includes bracelet and earrings. Our headquarters are in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Matthias first jewelry was completed in the spring of 2012, when he was 13 years old. necklace Mother's Day gift of put in a lot of admiration. This increased Matthias eagerness to learn and do more jewelry. In summer 2012, we went to one of the small jewel of the course, where we learn networking technology. After this, Matias started to manufacture a wide variety of jewelry, but at the same time began to take shape their own verkkokaulakorummekin. Thus began the story of verkkkorun.

AAVAma online jewelry you can buy from our resellers around Finland or subscribe to an online store. Contact form you can ask for more information. You may also find us on various events in different parts of the Finnish, which will inform in more detail on our Facebook page.


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